2g STEEL fuel line holders are NOW available!
2g STEEL fuel line holders are NOW available!
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Open Source Downloads

This is a place to download some of the projects I've worked on. Mostly 3D printable parts. More to come.

Monkey in a Barrel Filament Hangers


These were designed as a way for myself to optimize space in my office. The clothing racks in the closet were under-utilized. After testing some filament hangers from Thingiverse and GrabCAD, I decided to make my own.

These parts hook onto eachother, and hang down to create more storage. No disassembly required to remove the spools from the hanger, they simply slip in and out. They quite a bit of filament to make a lot, but they have been optimized decently well. Around 60g each for the large pieces. Designed for 1kg rolls, and fits a variety of brands.