2g STEEL fuel line holders are NOW available!
2g STEEL fuel line holders are NOW available!
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One of the benefits of 3D printing, is the ability to tailor products for different needs. Everyone's build is different. Any product that you need adapted, or sized differently, can be accommodated for. Just connect with me on any of my socials.


I'm trying to post here more. There is always an ongoing project, or prototype being developed. It's a great way to show progress towards a new product or share some unique way I built something.



I've been on DSMTuners for a couple of years. Most of the products are debut on this site, to hopefully share and develop some ideas with the community. Although a few products have been through here, that I've sold, I'm currently revising many of them! I've learned a lot since I've started, and a lot of improvement can go into older products. It will be worth it to stay tuned to some of the older threads.

2g DSM Bumper Risers

2g DSM Door Mirror Gauge Pod Holder

2g DSM Switch Panel Cup Holder

2g & 1g DSM Stock-replacement Larger Fuel Line Holders


You can also contact me through email.